Monday, 19 April 2010

My Personal Favorites from Thomas Quotes Page:

"Sometimes everybody talks rubbish, its a bit like muzzleing an ox." Dad
"You shouldn't use hypholuted long words." Dad

Eleanor: "I don't know what Andrew Clark looks like."
Mum: "If you saw him you'd know."

LO: "I'm scared of heights."
TIM: "Is that why you're so small?"

"Is there a station near waterloo?" 
"How do you boil lettuce?" 
"I chew so much so I can extract as much flavour as I can from the food"

"Curiosity killed the cow."
''What was Hitler's surname?"
 "Do robins hatch from eggs?"

"I come from Tolworth. Some people call it a ghetto. It's not really a ghetto, it's full of lovely people. I'm sure ghettos are full of lovely people, but it's not really important where you come from it's who you are." Adam
"Me, I think of life as a story, a true story not a fictional one." Adam 

"You know grape juice is actually made of orange juice."

Eleanor: Do you have any flaked dried prawn skins?
Asda worker: Umm I don't think so. You see prawns don't have skin like you and I.

"Imagine if this turned into a swimming pool right now."

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