Monday, 22 October 2012


Hopefully, I will use these images in someway
.... If not, it was fun anyway

A poem!!

One night I wrote this:

When the rain has fallen and the earth is clear,
It becomes quite obvious that the world is a sphere.
It's round and its bulgy with bumps and lumps.
It's hard and it's solid but changes with months.
There is Autumn and Winter and Summer and Spring,
New babies are born and the birds will sing.
But sometimes its dark and hard to see.
When people move out and loved ones leave,
But through the fog and fire and fear,
There will always be signs that this world is a sphere.

...And then I still couldn't sleep so I drew:

A few prints from the darkroom

There is a forest/wood at the top of the hill where I live in Bath. 
And the other day I went on a walk because it's autumn and if it would stop raining, everything is beautiful. 
Taking photos with Black and White film doesn't really capture it.

Also, I don't know who made the images below but they really do deserve a gold star!