Tuesday, 29 March 2011


If you leave a tulip in your scanner for 2 weeks it grows white mould with black dots.
 These are from the 48 hour project 
Here are some photographs of some things and people and me,
I never really put photographs on this blog  but since I feel the need to document everything I thought it would be nice to put some up
Sadly, this is a uni work only blog and now Im starting to put other stuff on it and I shouldnt but now Iv started.
And now Iv started rambling and no one wants to hear/read it, but soz I cant delete it cus my delete keys broken and has been for about 4 months all because I spilt some water on it
but dont worry because its my birthday in 11 days and I wrote it on one of my many lists (not all the lists are for birthday, that would be selfish)

A book about a dog-race

I screen-printed the cover of that book, so Im neeearly finished, just need to sew it.   

Friday, 25 March 2011

A useless blog entry

I am really really loving sun right now :-D

Sound to Print

We were given a two minute track of a commentator at a dog race and in brief we have to:
1)Transcribe it
2)Transfer text into a scroll to represent time using space
3)Organise content into multiple page document
(We stopped working in groups now)
4)Make our organised content into a book
5)Design and make a cover
...Im currently at point 4
Each layer of acetate is the representation of intonation, tracing paper is tone and Volume is on paper. I got each section from this Graph...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

48 Hour Project

Im still not done with printing my veg! These are part of the project where Im watching things die.

The Darkroom

A week ago I developed this image of Lizzie from two Negatives on top of each other

D90 Enthusiasm

These are a few pointless videos which I made...
The first one has the intro from Newton Faulkners album (Rebuilt By Humans) and also some textiles work made (most probably) by a textiles student.
The second one is a cat.