Friday, 29 March 2013

Hiroshima Project

After reading about the lives affected by the atomic explosion in Hiroshima,1945, I decided to illustrate the story of a girl called Taeko Teramae. 

It is written in the 1st person and it is her story about what happened after the Enola Gay bomb was dropped on their city. 

50,000 people instantly evaporated that day but Taeko was 0.5 kilometres from the hypocenter, she just enough time to run from the engulfing flames.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Josef Sudek

I've probably mentioned him before- Josef Sudek. I re-read his book today and felt the need to share him with the world.
He's a Czech photographer who lost his right arm in WWI but still photographed every aspect of his life.
He also says nice things like this:
"I believe a lot in instinct. One should never dull it by wanting to know everything. One shouldn’t ask too many questions but do what one does properly, never rush, and never torment oneself"

Summer Shower in the Magic Garden. 1954-59

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Camera

After going to 'Focus on Imaging 2013' (which is Europe's biggest annual imaging show) I finally bought a new camera. It's a Canon 6D and from all the research I did; it's very similar to the Canon 5D Mark III. The Mark III is more advanced but only in minor ways and for the price difference, (Canon 6D- £1700, Canon5D Mark III- £2270) I am a very happy bunny. This is some photos from 'Focus on Imaging' (ironically taken on a Canon 5D MKIII)

And here's some that I took on the 6D over the weekend: 

Here I am posing like a 15 year old with hair like a 15 year old:

Friday, 1 March 2013


Yesterday at uni, we had a photographer called Kevin Meredith come and do a workshop.  He gave us a list of things to photograph and then we spent the day in Bath photographing them. Along the way we met quite a few unusual characters including a guy who tattooed the whole of his body!

This is the sweetest dog I have ever come across:The food I ate:
Jess being risky:

"Stone dreams":
Bird's eye view:
Flore and Jordan:
A man at work:
Us at arms length:


Last week I went to Holland to visit Charlotte... While I was there I went to FOAM gallery where there was an exhibition called "Inbetweens" by Jan Versweryveld
I thought it was worth a mention because I really liked the way he photographed people's everyday lives. And it was the lives of people who worked in a theatre company so in most of the images you couldn't tell if it was there actual life or their acting life. Pretty cool!
You can find an article on it here
And here are some photos from my visit (which are a bit less interesting):