Tuesday, 11 June 2013

13 degree exhibition

Me and 12 other students who are graduating from Bath Spa University this summer are currently organising an exhibition... The opening evening is 17th June and they'll be loadsa food and drink so please come along! On Saturday we're doing screen-printing workshops for children. Carla and I made a poster for:

We'll be open for a few days (19th June- 23rd June) and you can find us at 44AD which is opposite the lion&lamb pub in the centre of Bath. More details on it here..

Here's us a few months ago... in the process of putting ideas together:

Anyway... Website's here and everyone's welcome!

Business Cards

A bit impractical for mass-distribution but I made some business cards....

Tom's engagement.

My brother got engaged on Saturday... to a lovely person called Lucy Gorringe. I filmed it because he made a song and sang it in-front of loads of people which is a nice gesture and deserves to be documented.... Here it is!