Friday, 5 September 2014

New Ideas for Eleanor Joy Photography

This time last year I was putting together an album for a couple and decided to get it printed with one of those companies that do wedding albums online. 
It cost around £370... And it was a nice album but not quite as nice as a handmade, one of a kind, BESPOKE wedding album... so I got the idea of designing and creating my own.
We were taught about book binding at university and quite a few visiting lecturers discussed it... so I tried it. And failed. And then I tried again. And failed. And then gave up and asked for help from a colleague at the art shop. So we went to her studio and I looked at her work and decided that I am never again going to attempt making another wedding album because her skills are amazing and she has agreed to create a sample one!!! 
I am so excited about this concept and I really really hope it works out... 
These are few books she's already created... 


Professional Instagram Feed!

... Went and got myself a profession Instagram feed! Exciting times! 

I shall endeavour to keep this Instagram strictly work related (unlike this blog)

I'm photographing a wedding next Saturday so I'm sure there'll be more to come.


If you follow me I shall love you forever because I feel pretty lonely on there right now!