Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Camera

After going to 'Focus on Imaging 2013' (which is Europe's biggest annual imaging show) I finally bought a new camera. It's a Canon 6D and from all the research I did; it's very similar to the Canon 5D Mark III. The Mark III is more advanced but only in minor ways and for the price difference, (Canon 6D- £1700, Canon5D Mark III- £2270) I am a very happy bunny. This is some photos from 'Focus on Imaging' (ironically taken on a Canon 5D MKIII)

And here's some that I took on the 6D over the weekend: 

Here I am posing like a 15 year old with hair like a 15 year old:


  1. These are fabulous photographs, Eleanor! Yay for new cameras :)

  2. what do you think about the 6d so far? :)
    and why did you choose the 6d and not the 5d ii?
    nice photos by the way!
    love & light

  3. Hi There!
    I chose the 6d because it's most recently released and I kind of feel if there's already an upgrade of the 5d mk II, then it will become out-dated quicker.
    if you type in 6d and 5d mark III into youtube there's some really helpful reviews