Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Here is a list of things that still needs doing and I havent done:
Collecting my passport renewal form
Booking accomadation for next year
Sorting out all the financal side of travelling
Passing my driving test
Taking a dress to the menders
Buying some new sandals
Finish the dress for Beths Wedding

And here is a list of things that I have done that didnt need doing:
Cycling to a far away place, leaving my camera there... thus creating two bike rides when one would be sufficient. but i found the babe so never mind
Being really hungover for work today
Staying up to stupid oclock watching true movies with a very special friend
Attending a Miss Kingston competition on a boat with free champagne
sitting in a&e because annie cut her finger (they gave her plaster in the end. phew!)
eating fruit and reading magazine on an unexpected visit from lucie and adam
going to a tiolet in the middle of the night that makes rain forest noises (ask me for directions if your intrested)
eating curries
spending waaaaay too much money
discovering a middle aged house party, outside, at the back of a pub in surbiton
creating havok in the big tescos
making carrot cake for george and seb and some other lady at my church (btw george/seb you never ate that and I am so offended)
going to ze cinema then having drunk deep talks with flora about life
having sober deep talks with rachel about religion

okay im not really sure what im listing anymore because a lot of these points did need to be done and theyre in a list of things that I have done that doesnt need doing. so im going to stop because I doubt anyone will read this far especially now Im still twittering away BUT the moral to all of this is that... life is goooooood

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