Saturday, 19 February 2011

At Uni, we have briefs that are lasting for eight weeks now (no more short stressful ones, yippee!).
We were all given a time and now we need to produce a sequence of four images to describe/spend/use/waste/observe it.
I have 48 hours. In 48 hours lions can mate up to 100 times... I was thinking of doing a series of drawings for this...haa. lol. no.
Iv been watching flowers die and vegetables shrivel up. Bruno Munari''Roses in the Salad' inspired me to stamp ink with the vegetables at different hours after being cut. To be honest, they pretty much look the same but it was fun.
I think so far, this is the most successful in showing the course of 48 hours.. 



  1. What a cool brief, I really like the stamping idea. And those flower images are brilliant!