Thursday, 1 August 2013

Dress making

I started making another dress when I found John Lewis had a huge fabric sale..
For this dress I used a fabric design called Rowan Cameo by Amy Butler
and I used a Butterick pattern (B5029) which looks like this...
The pattern I used was this one and involved a lot more lining then I initially thought. 
I was making the dress for a wedding but ended up wearing it to my graduation instead... which turned out just fine because in the meanwhile I died my hair pink and the dress clashed horribly!
Here's some images...

... Sadly I do not own this car; I was being silly and this is what I did to my hair...

But I have a job interview next week (which is good news) but my mother is still badgering me to get rid of it :-( I think my pink hair may only last for a week and a half!... I tried


  1. Hi Eleanor,
    Your dress is lovely! I am just about to make this dress but I'm seriously confused by the sizing on the pattern... did you find that the measurements on the envelope turned out okay? On the actual pattern there are different waist measurements than on the envelope (if you know what I mean).
    I don't know which to go by so any advice would be great! Thanks! Nicoline

  2. Hi Nicoline! I'm so sorry I didn't reply! I've only just seen this comment!... Have you made it yet and how did it go?? I didn't even check the pattern against what the envelope stated! Having said that...I didn't have any problems. How did you find it in the end?
    Eleanor x