Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wedding Photography Packaging

I’ve been focusing on the presentation of the wedding photography packaging. Currently I provide all the edited and original images on a USB stick which is presented in a handmade, bespoke package. As an addition to this personal photo package I am now creating cute string-tie envelopes to hold the couples prints. As I am addicted to taking photos, I took a few photos along the way- just incase you too have a yearning to create a few little envelopes.

So here's a step-to-step guide

Step 1. Create an envelope template.

Step 2. Fold it all up.
 Step 3. Seal it with some Washi tape (or if you’re not using tracing paper some Pritt Stick)
Step 4. Cut out the shape of card which your string will fasten round.
Step 5. Make a slit in the shape you just cut out and another slit where you want the shape to be fastened on to your envelope.
Step 6. Put a paper fastener through. I bought my paper fasteners from Amazon for about £1.50

Step 7. Tie a knot with string round one of the cut out shapes and wind the thread around both shapes.
Step 8. Finished

So here you have it, the very first string envelope made by me! The couple I photographed at Gatton Manor on 14th February (photos are here) will be the first couple to receive the new handmade wedding photography packaging (photos of the final thing will be up shortly). And from then on I’ll be needing to make lots of these envelopes for many different reasons – the main one being that they are just so cute!!

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