Thursday, 29 April 2010

After a chat with myself (inside my head) and a chat with Britta Iv decided to make my FMP on A1 boards. One for Sam, Phoebe, Rose and Elaine... each. Sam Phoebe Rose and Elaine are four autistic adults that my sister spends time with at a day care centre in bristol. She told me about them and Iv been exploring their characters through Photography, Type, Screen-printing and Illustration.


To find photos relating to all four people I went through my negatives picking out which images had relevance to their tastes. (like flowers or shoes or cans or car parts(I acctually had to take photos of car parts though coz its not my regular practice to take photos of car parts. car parts bore me. so do driving lessons, but thats another story for another time(sorry rachel if your reading this but they just do)))

I have stuff on Samuel but its in my sketchbook and Im not getting off this chair to use the scanner which is in my mums room. Sorry if Iv bored you.
oh yeah, one more thing...
look what i did to my hair!! 


  1. what colour is it?! ahhh :D xx

  2. red but not that red. im too scared. i would LOVE to have bright red hair though. that would be so cool. might do it when i quit my job. xxxx